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When you stop development you stop advancement. Because of that we work on the enhancement of our sewing threads and a more efficient production- and marketing-concept that’s outstanding because of quality, service and price.
That’s why it’s possible to offer an extremely beneficial price-performance ratio that’s connected with an outstanding cost-profit-effect with no need to avoid comparison with the global market.

We deliver all qualities, even polyester-fiber-threads, polyester-core-threads, cotton-polyester-core-spun-threads and polyester-continuous-filament in a large range of sizes and different make ups.

Certainly we could be an interesting supplier for you. We guarantee a high level of thread quality and a short delivery-time. As a matter of fact all deliveries are made within 24 hours.

We guarantee a high level of product-quality, controlled manufacturing methods and finishing processes. All sewing threads get checked on breaking strengths, extension and colour fastness on every level of production.
To get the highest possible level of colour-fastness we use dyes from DyStar only.

We dye in high-temperature-boilers that are operated by computers to get best results.
Even after years we deliver exact
ly the same colour that you have previously ordered.

A gentle production-process is guaranteed by using modern thread-machines (King Thread). A smooth and consistent thread-flow makes the best sewing of our threads possible.